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Dec 09, 2009


Coco Matcha


You have a beautiful baby :-D
Bienvenue à Rafael!


Congratulations!! He is adorable....I love your blog and use inspirations from it a lot.

Princess Crystal

Congrats! Happy holidays with the new bunndle o' joy. Best wishes to you and your family.


hello li'le big boy and welcome on earth!!! congratulations and hapiness to your parents!!!

Dodie Sy


Amy Woidtke

Congratulations Proud Parents! :)

I've been watching for your update news. Yay! Glad everything is ok - was getting concerned b/c no word for awhile.

Super duper tiny baby cuteness. awww....

Enjoy your parenthood. LOVE YOU!

Petra :-)

congratulations to your supercute baby boy :-) what a bliss! :-)


Congratulations! What a jewel! You look wonderful and totally in bliss. Doesn't matter how your joy arrives as long as it's safe.


Congratulations! He is so adorable! Glad to hear you and baby are doing well :-)



Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! He is adorable! So precious :)


Well everything you make is gorgeous now isn't it?! lol, he is a cutie!


Congratulations to you & Isaac! Rafael is beautiful.


Parabéns pelo lindo bebê!


Wow! What a beautiful baby boy! Many congratulations to you and to your husband! Love the name too

Mess Buster

Awww, congrats!! I had an emergency c-section with my first (a girl). It's quite a toll physically but you do feel normal again eventually, lol. Happy mothering!!

Fri @  Wedding Nouveau

Joanna, I'm beyond excited for you. CONGRATS...i know exactly how you feel. Rafael is a few weeks older than my Nahla...i'm thinking this calls for a play date. A Happy New Year to you...looking forward to your posts in 2010.

Sachi Yamazaki

Congratulations!! Today I watched 'The Business of Being Born' and I am happy to read that you were planning a home birth and even happier to hear that you safely delivered a perfect little boy into the world. With all the big changes in your life, I really appreciate that you've taken the time to post up Fleurty's work. Thank you Joanna!

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Congatulations! :D Your a certified woman! You are a mother!

Maternity nursing clothing

wow i could only imagine how happy you were when he was born! had that same feeling with my first born...looking forward for the next.

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