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May 08, 2009


Jane Thompson

Huge Congratulations, Motherhood is the best adventure in the world enjoy!!!


Congratulations and Warm wishes to you and your family!!! I am so happy for you:) You will make a great Mom!


Many congratulations to you on your growing family!

Kimberly B

Oh wow.........many many congrats to you! You are going to be the coolest mom on the block. I can't wait to follow your other blog as well. We are also trying to conceive.


Welcome to the world of mommies and babies ... I can imagine what all excitement is brewing inside you ... I used to follow one of those websites that give you week to week development in visuals... try it you'll love it. And Congrats and wish you a blissful pregnancy ...


Congratulations!! it's a great journey, and at the end of the day you'll get the biggest reward: a tiny smile and bright eyes!. Enjoy your pregnancy and motherhood, it's a wonderful adventure!


how beautiful!! congrats sweetie. i can't wait to hear about your pregnancy adventures :)


Happy Mother's Day!
I read this today and am so happy for you and excited to hear about your natural childbirth. My sister delivered at Valley last September and out of 16 babies born that day, hers was the only one that came "naturally." My husband and I decided that day to use a midwife when the time comes for us.
Enjoy your day!!


Happy Mother's Day mama!


Congrats! Hope you had a happy Mother's Day!

Ingrid Beyer

Dear Johanna,
What a beautiful news on this special day!
If you need inspiration for the baby-room from the other side of the ocean check out the lovely Madame Mo from France!


Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. Hope you're feeling well.



How wonderful and exciting for you! I hope you are feeling well, my dear.

You will be the most stylish mom with what will no doubt be an ADORABLE little one. I can't wait to virtually meet!

I feel sorry for your friends having to throw you a baby shower though. They have BIG shoes to fill. : )

Much love and health and happiness,


Congratulations Joanna! How wonderfully exciting! I wish you and your little one all the best. :)


Thanks everyone for your wonderful well wishes!


Ugh! I hate being so late with this kind of news!! :) I have nothing but love for the two of you. You are going to be a beautiful mother! I can't wait to hear more about it as the months progress. Congratulations! :)

liz cobb

congratulations!!! that is sooooo happy! i am sure your ideas will flow and your new child will be introduced to the world with style! heh heh


Congratulations Jo! This is great news! :)

Hope you are taking good care of yourself and pampering yourself completely! Big hug!


Jo! How did I miss this post? Huge, massive, and heartfelt congratulations! It's the best when awesome people have awesome children. Yay!!!


hello from france,
i've discovered your blog, your fantastic and amazing blog few months ago and your pregnancy is THE opportunity to congratulate you both for this fantastic news and your great job... i'm very happy for you, i want to thank you for sharing these beautiful things you've made or you've found .... you often inspire me .. have a great day (excuse for my bad english)


For the first time , i am visiting your site. Really it is splendid. Keep it up.
Have a Wonderful Day

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