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Dec 02, 2008


Amy Woidtke

Nice work Joanna!

Congrats on seeing your stuff in action!


i wish there was a sam's club near me. but i agree... great work. show us more!


This was great work! I am so glad that I am working with you on my next project because this has a little bit of what we are envisioning with the scroll work. Can't wait to see it all come to life!


I bought one today and I love it!

Alison Pressley

They were all gorgeous....I purchased the green one and love it....wish I had of purchased more of them....get compliments on it wherever I go.....would love to find an avenue to purchase more...Sams is no help


Love this collection! I was not able to buy one at my local Sam's Club before they sold out. Do you know how I could purchase a set? Thanks!


I would really like to purchase one, but Sam's club is indefinitely out of stock. Is there another way to get one.


Hi Joanna: So happy to finally locate the BEAUTIFUL TASCHE HANDBAGS. You are certainly a very talented lady! I would love to purchase a purse set. Can you please direct where I can purchase.. Thank you.


I have the red and green handbags and would like to find other colors for myself and my daughter. Do you know where I can find them? I love them! Thanks


hello, joanna....thank you for the beautiful very Tasche bags. i purchased the gold bag at sam's club and when i went back to get more colors they were sold out. please let me know when more bags will be available. WOULD LOVE TO HAVE EVERY COLOR!!!

Lori Duke

My husband bought me one of these bags for Christmas, it is under the tree. But it is georgeous. I love it. The logo is fantastic as well. Good job.

Jamie McKay

The bag is absolutely gorgeous and a dream in the way it is organized. My daughter purchased one for me in cognac but sadly the wallet was missing. Is there any way that I can get a matching wallet? I would be willing to pay whatever costs are involved. Thank you for a beautiful bag.Like everyone else I'd love to purchase an additional color.

Sharon Moyd

I purchased one of those amazing bags from Sams. I just lucked up on it at the checkout. The customer in front of me did not want it and I ask the cashier if I could see it and the rest was history.

Jan Bailey

I have one of the tasche bags and would like another one but can't find them at Sam's club. Can anyone tell me where I could get more of them, online or etc?

Rosa Brinson

I purchased one of your bags on vacation, 3 months ago, November 2010 at Sams Club in Myrtle Beach, SC. I love the bag, but it pulled apart at the bottom. Would like to get it fixed. I would like to know where to send it.

Ernestine Cooper

how do I order one of the tasche bags? I've tried the link but was unable to access it. The sams club in this area does not have them. my email address is cooper_e@yahoo.com. Thank you.


Saw the purse at Sam's and locked on immediately to the green one. Glad I did. They sold out quickly. Very nice buy.

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I would appreciate your this creative work. That's so cute

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Avery Gordon

At last I know where my gorgeous mustard/brown handbag came from! Someone gave it to me, and she didn't know anything about the brand either. Mine is my favorite handbag, the organization and construction are perfect - as is the gorgeous striped lining! Where can I buy more?

Custom Logo Design

That's a called a brand logo... I really like this creative design work..

Julia Lockhart

Like many of the recent comments, I'm also wanting to know more about these bags! My friend has one (with matching wallet) that she got at Sam's a few years ago and I LOVE it! Do you have any information on the company? julialockhart@charter.net

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