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Feb 14, 2008


My miracle of Ocean Beach, witnessed by MILLIONS on the West Coast

Clone hosts routed through corporate, etc in this day and age now are those with less disfavor as compared to the 20th century.
The most disfavored pay first. Methenfetamine scourge in California in the 80s now spread to the Midwest and the South. Acceptance of homosexuality, biracial, etc.
And explains the reason behind SodaCo buying FastFood,Inc.
Now in this begnign era compared we see lots of Europeans. Back when things were ugly there were lots of Mediterreaneans.
I could have gotten work in this new era, but they used SodaCoCo in the 80s to ensure I would not be able to help the kind of trash who ruined China, India and other global regions once protected from capitalism and Westernization.
Maybe I should drink SodaCo since they were used to fuck the monsters who ruined planet Earth. Raider fan thug trash now, poetically.
Al Davis always looked like a sleazy gangster. Perhaps this is the reason behind the Raiders tanking intentionally in the 2000s:::Protection.
Also suggests I was responsible for their run 10 years ago.

The gods placed us all into our own corners of the globe. As such for thousands of years we spent time and reproduced with out own kind.
This is why mobilty/travel, biracial unions/offspring and partaking of other cultures is a sin::::
Each has it's own elements of disfavor, and by experiencing other cultures you are being exposed to these disfavors, which if people may adopt will make their state even worse than prior.
The United States has been considered a "melting pot" where rejects from around the world were sent when kicked out of their motherland.
Remember, this concept of cultural diversity is an element of the liberal platform the gods used to promote societal decay, revealed on the map with the "beast" that is the SanFranciscoBayArea and the spread of social deterioration that spread to the rest of the country and eventually to the entire globe.

The gods positioned this global situation with a telepathic audience in the hundreds of millions to create the appearance/perception of an evil/wicked diety, thereby corrupting those unable to deceipher the clues and understand their true intent. This has effectively created a division between those with hope and The Damned, sentenced to dig a hole for themselves they may never recover from as they fall for temptation the gods test them with.

xtainity is the true evil here, and why it depicts Lucifer as wicked.
Lucifer is the Second COming. xtinaity used this tactic to protect the Biblical Apocalypse as it reads in the Bible. The truth is Lucifer is a prophet who teaches the meaning of life. You must follow my teachings if you are to ascend into heaven rather than the xtian "consolation prize" of 1000 years wuith Jesus on Earth.

"We'll make it up to them." is the empty promise the gods make to the people.
The 20th century devestated our society and our cultures so severely to meet their strategy that the gods incurred obligation for what they did to the people. In compensation the gods gave the people this Situation, the Chosen One who teaches the "meaning of life", which the gods defended vigorously, plus the "consolation prize", the promise of 1000 years with Jesus on Planet Earth.
Telepathically "pushed" into violating their values and morals the gods washed their hands of obligation to the people as cheaply and easily as they possibly could.
The gods washed their hands WITH me then washed their hands OF me.
MY "consolation prize" is "coming back". Not reincarnation, for we ALL experience this being a matter of policy and procedure, but "coming back" on the scale of the gods:::A new "colonist" on the next Planet Earth. And, if they choose, they will manufacture a way to get out of this obligation as well.

Let me share with you some of the monsterous things the gods have done in the recent past::::
1. Treat Blvd. killings. Saw a beautiful therapist I recently brought up again. The gods had some delinquent white male plow his SUV into an Afghan man and his 9 year old daughter on a Saturday morning ride right in front of the building after I "foreshadowed" the event, killing them both.
2. Discussed Haitian child slavery problem. Had a slavery complex in my family, perpetuated from parents into the next generation. Considered a parent's possible reincarnation as a Haitian child slave. Shortly thereafter 25,000 dead in 2009 earthquake.
3. Badmouth crappy Chilean fruit. 2009 Earthquake.
4. 2002 Cozumel vacation. Wilma parks on the prime diving area (SW) of the island and hammers the reefs for 40 full hours.
5. Hurricane Andrew
6. Hurricane Hugo
7. Trip to followed by the 2006 Hawaiian earthquake days later.
8. 2004 trip to Bourbon Street's hedonistic Fat Tuesday followed by 2005 Hurricane Katrina (name clue).
9. 1999 trip to Grand Cayman. Hurricane Ivan devistates the reef, the Queen's Garden and proceeds to slice up the middle of the state of Alabama months after my visit.
10. The town I stayed in experienced a tornado which killed almost a dozen.
This list goes on and on and on.

The gods having fun with the Situation through killing playing their fucking games:::
2. Salon Meritage, 8 dead
3. Speed Freak Killers, dozens dead, which was used to inspire Beavis and Butthead.
4. Costa Concordia, Sch captain, 30 dead.

They treat life so trivially. Since we are all "coming back" through reincarnation I suspect this may be justified. However in light of the atrocities the gods inflict on humanity in the name of divine justice it rings hallow.

The morbidly disfavored Mediterreanean was used as the platform for "Western Civilization", promoting sexual deviacy to create an "Animal House" type of enviornment in our society, "leveling the playing field" for Europeans in preparation.
The gods will enforce their positioning of xtianity/RomanCatholicChurch partnered with capitalism/UnitedStatesofAmerica. And we will realize when the gods execute the New Testiment prophecy under the guise of the perceived "one true religion", xtianity.
Two realities:::The god's positioning and the god's reality. The reality is children ascend into heaven upon repairing their relationship with the gods and fixing their evils from current and prior lives. The positioning will deliver "1000 years with Jesus on Earth", justified with scientific and medical advances, and only the TRUE believers in Jesus (are there any?) will have "everlasting life" (recolonize next Planet Earth and continue humanity's life cycle).

The gods are control freaks who forced this Situation with Artificial Intelligence.
Much as WorldWarII's Unit 731::TSUSHOGO proves, it could have gone no other way.

My life was devistated and I never even had a brief period of time to achieve to the best of my ability.
You could have allowed a period of loss. Instead your control freak nature ensured total control and little progress.
The Situation sucked for many reasons:::One so the gods would not be obliged to their Chosen One. A mediocre Situation ensured they could force me into MY "consoloation prize"::::Relegated to recolonization of the next Planet Earth. Tens of thousands of years of hard labor, "dawn to dusk" days, slavery, crucifixion, burning at the stake, torture, etc.
They attempt a "Pavolv's Dog" conditioning method like I was a lowly Mediterreanean, a consequence for the European West as well as a result of this Mediterreanean platform of "Western Civilization". It didn't work on me when you destroyed my childhood in preparation for this Situation and it won't work now.

Making me inactive in my youth was to enhance your positioning. They didn't want any hint of respectability.
I have decided the gods are wicked. They've taken too many liberties, crossed too many lines and have revealed their immorality. Convienience is their priority.
My trademark:::The penticle. Guess I really am Lucifer::The sole source of disfavor used to initiate disfavor in the next "Garden of Eden". “You're coming back.” Bitter resolution for someone they selected as their "Chosen One". Guess it is true all I will receive is a lousy "reach-around".
When you took my health you lost me.

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