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May 23, 2007


Mara Conrad (nee Noriega)

Hi Joanne! Remember me?! Your site is beautiful... Kim sent me a link to this site when I asked about you.
Please email me- I'd love to reconnect with you!


Chen Reichert

Hi Joanna,

I just found your blog randomly and I am so glad I did. Your blog is gorgeous and so informative.

Keep it up!


Ayet San Jose

Hi Jojo! Like your other comment, I just stumbled upon your site. I was looking for a design inspiration to use for my upcoming 2008 Interior Design Licensure Exams here in Manila (which is 2 days from now). I was looking at all the posts and I enjoyed reading them a lot (especially the modern ethnic design)! The designs which you featured here (and if I'm not mistaken, some of your works too) are very modern and yet they never fail to look back (whether nature, culture, or history) -- indeed a basis of a great design. I'm so happy and blessed to have stumbled upon your site for it gave aspiring designers like me the direction and artistic drive to create designs that are also ground breaking and beautiful. And not only do I love your posts, I am also surprised to learn that the person whom I'm taking inspirations from is also a fellow Filipina (and for that I'm even more proud!). Gosh! What more could I ask for? :-) Well, I do hope you continue to post more as I would love to visit the site over and over again. Thank you very much for sharing with us your interests and passion in design. God bless you always and Mabuhay! :-)

-Ayet San Jose
Interior Design Graduate

Yana de Morelos

Hi Joanna, thank you for great selection of links on your site, I love design in all forms and found lots of things I like.
I live in Dubai and have a design studio for invitations and gifts,, ( updates gallery But also thinking to open in a partnership a spa line for beach-lounge wear and related accessories.

Katie Dean

Oh my god I have just found the best blog and it's YOURS!!! It is truely beautiful and inspiring I am studying interior design at the moment and this has just helped me so much! Keep up the good work I an't wait to come back!

Kate x

Ella Limbo

Hi ate joanna!

I just looove yoour site! and your works its so soothing and really relaxing and homey! i can't get enough of browsing through the posts haha =)

i really hope you can come and visit the cebu fair on march! hope to visit you guys soon!

Pamela Mooney

Finally!! Joanna,I have been searching for ever for a site such as Lotuhaus.I am an event coordinator and floral designer. I studied Ikebana at Ikenobo Floral Arts in Las Vegas,Nv. in 1984 and have been doing events and weddings for over 20 something years from Vegas to South Florida, including the Keys.I recently moved to the middle of the state and well its a very small quaint town that is starting to grow.I rely very much pon the internet to see what is new and happening since I do not get to Miami as much anymore so your site is a blessing.I will be visiting it all the time and want you to know I love eberything you recommed and the ides you have.Great work and warm regards, Pam Mooney


I just came across your site and I bookmarked it right away! I find myself fascinated by event design lately. I am a graphic designer by trade, making my way into invitation design. And, now I'm wondering about the world of event design! My blog posts are mostly about things that make me visually happy and I'll definitely get inspiration from you!


Lotus Haus is such a blessing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I am not even sure how I came across your blog but glad that I did. I love what you do with design and with your I said in another post: not all art is on canvas.


Love, love, love your site! You are an amazingly talented woman and happy to know your a Seattle native!!! Keep it up!!


ahhhh this is all so gorgeous!!! so full of zen! love it! so inspiring!

Dee in Port Douglas

As above.... as above... as above!!!!

I work in events and weddings and am just so excited by what I see here in your blog. Wonderful talented clever you. It is so nice to have someone inspire you to try new ways to get the wow factor. Keep it up!!!


HI JoJo,

I found this place; or better yet, it found me. So far, I truly feel the simplicity and peace it offers. I can't wait to really have the time to wander, ponder and discover.

Thanks! I needed this!

Atlanta, GA


Happy New Year, Jojo! A coworker of mine who knows how much I love design introduced me to your website. I absolutely love it! Do you design the site yourself or work with someone? I love your links, your ideas, and the general style you exude! Thanks for your inspiration. My dream is to start my own similar website, just need to find my own niche. I like to organize, to design my friend's dwellings, and would love to get into interior design. Any suggestions?


I'm so happy I found this blog!! I love it!! You are incredibly talented and I really love your work. I'm a mexican textile designer, working in fashion, I love interiorism, textiles... and your blog is so inspiring!!

Muchas felicidades!

medieval costume

Hey.. I'm also a Filipino.. :) Good to know there are Filipinos here in the virtual world.. :) Wish you all the best. God Bless..

Sindoor Shah

Filigree is here.

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I hope you give us a chance to be featured on your lovely blog

Thank You


I'm so very inspired by you and your site! I'm taking steps toward creating my own design business, and you've set a beautiful example.

Thank you!


caress chuvaness

hi, i love your site. i hope you don't mind me pinning a lot of pics from here to pinterest. salamat = )

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Al igual que su otro comentario, me topé con su sitio. Yo estaba buscando una inspiración para el diseño a utilizar para mis próximos exámenes de Diseño de Interiores 2008 para obtener la licencia aquí en Manila (que es de 2 días a partir de ahora).

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Thanks for your inspiration. My dream is to start my own similar website, just need to find my own niche. I like to organize, to design my friend's dwellings, and would love to get into interior design. Any suggestions?

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Nice blog very good quality you have... really appreciate your good work.

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